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If I were truthful, I wouldn't proofread this, pretty much because anyone who knows me knows I'm a horrible texter; with that being said- I am a writer, podcaster, chicken parmigiana enthusiast, I teach yoga, meditation and have a small dog named Squiggles. I'm a former United States Marine. I served one combat tour in Iraq during Operation Iraq freedom; I belong to a 12 step fellowship, I have a band called Stealing Rome- Oh yeah, I like cats. 


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What I'm reading

I got introduced to Kurt Spellmeyers book by one of his zen students. It's a whole breath of a book that travels from Christianity to the far east. Understanding that for centuries we have been fixated on the "end" times in so much so that we've lost touch with the present moments. 


Class Schedule 

Monday Ohana Rising vinyasa 6:30
Wednesday Yoga Boot Camp 7am
Wednesday Vinyasa Yoga 8 pm
Thursday Corefitness 6 pm Strenght 6:45 pm Recover
Saturday Yoga Boot Camp 8 am
Saturday Vinyasa Yoga 9am