Meet each day with a smile.

First off, I want to thank you- sincerely from the bottom of my heart for checking out my page. I learned years ago while teaching yoga, looking around the room, I'd see all these faces. Some people I knew, some I didn't, and for whatever brought all of us together in the universe that day- we were there. I thought for that moment how honored I was that each one of these human beings, these souls, decided to take time out of their lives, their day, their family to practice, to learn, and to grow with me. It is a privilege- I will never take lightly. 

That brings me to this web page. This isn't really a blog, and it's more like a hub to connect. Right now, with social distancing and all the uncertainty in the world, we need familiar faces and friends. This page will hopefully connect you to me and me to you. From my Writing on Medium, my photos and stories on Instagram, and my #showerthoughts on Twitter, we have so so many ways to connect. I want to share these pieces of me and get to know you as well!