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Ultimate Guide to the Internet

Detailed Review of the most important social media, apps, and other questionable sites...

  1. Instagram- for communication. It will also take your soul (and probably steal your ideas as well).

  2. Facebook- basically your go to log in. Otherwise, it's for parents, babies, questionable news, and unsolicited friend requests from people you never liked.

  3. Twitter- Trumps' former pulpit, now for the news. The owner looks like a modern-day hippie Jesus but really is an evil genius hell-bent on control.

  4. Reddit- for important news and basically the last place for anything awesome on the internet.

  5. Pinterest- for pictures, memes, quotes, and recipes. Also, a place for awesomeness.

  6. Tik Tok- for fun and music. Dance tutorials also the heavyweight king of the internet. It's 1-0 against presidents.

  7. Spotify- the only streaming music service worth mentioning

  8. Amazon- a giant online flea market. They sell so much junk when you go for a return some items they don't even take back- and they still refund you—also slave labor.

  9. Etsy- support actual people creating shit.

  10. eBay- Often forget it exists, but it's always there when you need it. Online auction. Random shit

  11. LinkedIn- How to stalk that person who is way more successful than you and then ask them for a job.

  12. Youtube- cat videos and conspiracy theories- ever wonder how to weld steel and forge a sword- find out how on Youtube.

  13. Yelp- for when business suck

  14. Tumblr- was for porn.

  15. Snapchat-still for porn.

  16. Onlyfans- Socially acceptable porn.

  17. Pornhub- where people that still use Facebook go for porn.

  18. Discord- cool but confusing. For gamers and anime

  19. Steam- online gaming platform to buy video games, and if you suck at video games, you can still flex by outspending everyone.

  20. Twitch- YouTube for video games. Awesome club scene. #plamp

  21. Medium- the one site writers and readers both agree on. Honestly- it's great.

  22. Soundcloud- for "rappers."

  23. Tinder- honestly, I don't even know what this is for anymore.

  24. Bumble- less how do I say, inappropriate or unsolicited pics. Girls pick first.

  25. Plenty of Fish- been around forever but still has nothing to do with aquatic life or sea creatures. Big disappointment.

  26. WhatsApp- a free messaging service in exchange for all your private data.

  27. Paypal- just brokered the biggest and only deal with China- I wonder what did they have to do to get that? *scratches head. Google it-

  28. Google-the search engine you've probably been using since the internet was created- yet did you ever stop to ask yourself, why? Google is a search engine- there are more than one. It uses algorithms so powerful they actually tell you what to think. Also, it's your higher power and your daddy.

  29. Myspace- for memories of where it all started.


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