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The Youtube star with over 5 million viewers that you probably didn't even know existed.

Yes you heard me there right-

You heard me there, right, the Russel Brand, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and who could forget the washed-up rocker, Aldous Snow?

His acting career took off in the early 2000s and rocketed him to an A-list celebrity because of his off-the-wall appearance and general attitude toward everything. Oh yeah- and he's hysterical.

In recent years, though, his career took a turn along with his well-being; after sobering up, it seems that Brand has indeed found his calling and his place in all of this.

If you do a recent Google search of him, you will see countless articles painting him as a conspiracy theorist peddling false narratives and other Misinformation."

Now- I never ask anyone to take what I say or write as "Fact." I think looking up from other sources but more importantly- just listen- literally- just listen.

These articles take what he writes way out of context and many things he talks about. Yes, does a lot of his content lean, right, it could, but when you listen to him, he's not supporting any ideas, moreso just talking about widely talked about or newsworthy stories.

He's asking questions, and he is asking us to think as any philosopher would. Considering Philosophy built the world we live in today, I would theorize that philosophy today- will continue to make the world of tomorrow.

People proclaim he is a "Freethinker" well, growing up, I remember being told to "Be myself." I would imagine parents correct me if I'm wrong; one would say to their children, "you can be anything you want when you grow up," so if one chooses to become a "freethinker," then why is that really so bad?

Maybe we need more "Freethinking," free thought, detached from the news, pop culture, and social media.

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