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Pictures and Poetry

So back, when myspace was, "A thing..." I would sit there and juggle my top 8 like it was the most critical decision in my life. I had my AOL Instant messager over to the side to see who was "Online." Some of you may remember that. It was the very early days of social media. People were still finding their footing. I would, "message," my friends that I saw were, "Online," I'd message them the now-common phrase, "WYD." Usually synonymous with trying to hit someone up for sex, but back then, it was literally like, "What are you doing..." Considering all things, if they were talking to you on AIM, they were sitting home on their dial-up modem talking to you. Literally, the answer to "WYD" was already known- they were sitting in front of their computer messaging people.

There were chat rooms similar to massive group texts. It's pretty funny now how much we hate group texts. But there was a charm to things back then.

As a kid, I remember, "How cool would it be to put sayings on pictures."

Now not that I am psychic, but all things considered, it wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination since that was the way Everything went anyway. Now all our life, we scroll through memes, quotes, inspiration, and the like.

So there I was with my single-use camera taking pictures of shit. Then I would go home, hold them up to like an original webcam, take a photo of a photo, so I had it on my computer cause a scanner wasn't a household item yet. Then I would probably use MS Paint to type a few "Funny" thoughts on the picture, a quote, a finger quotes- poem.

So here we are. Not only did I make these in a few minutes. I wrote this, as well. To say you liked Literature growing up when I grew up- wasn't cool. Def wasn't "manly." It only took me three decades to get here. Here's to pictures- and poetry.

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