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Nothing more powerful then Honesty

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We spend so much of our life trying to "Find" the right person. Often we want to be agreeable. Often we want to have "Similar" Interests. But in the effort to be essentially "Likeable," are we really resenting our true selves?

So we want to be honest from the start.

Someone once told me that, "It's all about the origins." And I kind of scoffed at the idea. Being I was and have been a private person, I often don't divulge all the pieces of me at the beginning of any romantic or other plutonic relationship. Is omission a lie? Certainly. Would I call myself a liar then? Unfortunately, in this scenario, yes, I could say I was. It was a costly lesson, people got hurt, and it was sad. But it wasn't in vain because- I learned a lesson.

Now, will a 5 minute YouTube video change your life? Maybe- Maybe yes. Perhaps it, actually no- what if it could?

"The wise learn from their mistakes. But wiser people learn from the mistakes of others."

Life finds a way of teaching us what we need if we only know how to listen. Maybe this message is for you. More importantly, this message, this post is a reminder to me. To always be honest. If not for yourself- do not hurt anyone else.

Be authentic and be abundant in yourself- in all who you are. Don't short change the sights because you can't see the target. It's there.

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